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Specializing in Medical Transcription Services and for Insurance Providers

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medical transcription

NU Transcription provides Medical services to Large Hospitals, Independent Offices, Community Health Centers,

Rehabilitation Clinics and Family Practices.

We transcribe All Specialties that includes Acute Care, Cardiology, Radiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,

Psychology, Physical Therapy, Oncology, Neurology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology ,

Forensic Evaluations, Autopsy reports, Veterinary Clinics, and more.

We maintain a 24-hour or STAT file turnaround to meet your needs.

Digital recorder dictation uploads and Toll- Free telephone dictation on our secure ASP system.

Auto fax your documents to multiple locations and/or download your finished transcriptions via secure login.

We are able to rapidly deploy EMR and HL7 interfaces to existing in-house systems.

E-Signature provides the dictator to edit their documents on line before downloading and saving their version

to the system indefinitely for document management control.

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Medical Transcription Services

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